Portrait Marius Backmann (Foto: Ulrike Sommer)

Marius Backmann

Dr. phil, Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Fachbereich Philosophie

I am currently working at the University of Konstanz where I am funded within my own research project The Metaphysics of Induction on a postdoctoral level.

Apart from my work on ontologically motivated attempts at a justification of induction, my research focuses on philosophy of time, analytic metaphysics, metaphysics of science, laws of nature, and free will.

Curriculum vitae

Long-term visitor at the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science at the London School of Economics

Principal Investigator, DFG-funded research grant The Metaphysics of Induction, University of Konstanz

Visiting Scholar at Western University in London, ON

Postdoctoral Researcher at the NWO-Project What is Really Possible, University of Konstanz

Assistant Lecturer at the University of Münster

Assistant Lecturer at the Center for Philosophy of Science Münster

Teaching assignments at the Philosophical Seminar of the University of Münster and at the Center for Philosophy of Science

Graduate Assistant at the Leibniz Research Center Münster

Student Assistant at the Leibniz Research Center Münster


  • Backmann, Marius: Varieties of Justification – How (not) to Solve the Old Riddle. Acta Analytica (2018) (doi 10.1007/s12136-018-0371-6). Download (open access)
  • Backmann, Marius: No Time for Powers. Inquiry (2018) (doi 10.1080/0020174X.2018.1470569). Download (open access)
  • Backmann, Marius: Deine Wahrheit – meine Wahrheit? Alternative Tatsachen im öffentlichen und privaten Diskurs. Weiterbildung No. 3 (2018), 9-11.
  • Backmann, Marius: What’s in a Gold Standard? In Defence of Randomised Controlled Trials. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy (online first)
  • Backmann, Marius: I Tensed the Laws and the Laws Won: Non-eternalist Humeanism. Manuscrito Vol. 39 No. 4 (2016), 255–277
  • Backmann, Marius & Reutlinger, Alexander: Better Best Systems – Too Good to be True. dialectica Vol. 68, No. 3 (2014), 375–390
  • Backmann, Marius: Humean Libertarianism: Outline of a Revisionist Account of the Joint Problem of Free Will, Determinism and Laws of Nature. Frankfurt 2013, ontos.
  • Backmann, Marius & Michel, Jan (Eds.): Physikalismus, Willensfreiheit, Künstliche Intelligenz. Paderborn 2009: mentis.
  • Backmann, Marius: Epistemischer Libertarismus oder illusionistischer Kompatibilismus? In: Marius Backmann & Jan Michel (Eds.) 2009, 127–132.

Invited talks

  • Workshop Modally Rich Metaphysical Landscapes, Jagiellonian University
    Krakow, June 9-10, 2017
  • Inferences to and from Necessary Connections. Workshop “Causality and Laws”,  University of Konstanz, November 4, 2015
  • An (even) Better Best System Account of Natural Laws. Lunch lecture series, University of Utrecht, April 8, 2014
  • Tensed Laws, Non-Eternalist Humeanism and Justification of Induction. Workshop “Humeanism and its Critics”, University of Cologne, June 21, 2014

Submitted talks (selection)

  • In Defence of Randomised Controlled Trials. BSPS 2016, Cardiff University
  • In Defence of Randomised Controlled Trials. CSHPS 2016, University of Calgary
  • I Tensed the Laws and the Laws Won – Non-eternalist Humeanism. IAPT 2016, Wake Forest University
  • I Tensed the Laws and the Laws Won – Non-eternalist Humeanism. CPA 2016, University of Calgary
  • Was kann man von einem Goldstandard erwarten? Schlüsse in randomisierten klinischen Studien. DGPPN 2016, Berlin
  • The Metaphysics of Induction. GAP.9 2015, University of Osnabrück
  • Don’t Explode the Mosaic! The Better Best Systems Account and the Problem of Arbitrary Languages.SILFS 2014, University Roma III
  • Open Future Humeanism and Tensed Laws. SPS 2014, University Lille III


  • Forgotten Philosophers? Neglected Philosophies? (Together with Dr. Amber L. Griffioen)
  • The Problem of Induction
  • Saul Kripke: Naming and Necessity
  • Theories of Causation
  • Science, Non-Science, Pseudo-Science: The Demarcation Problem
  • Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
  • Qué será, será – is Determinism true?
  • Paul Boghossian: Fear of Knowledge
  • David Hume: Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
  • The Problem of Theory Choice and Astronomy’s Conversion to Copernicanism.
  • Theories of Laws of Nature
  • Theory-ladenness of Observation
  • Contemporary Accounts of Free Will

Further information about my academic research is available on my homepage.