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Invited and Submitted Talks

Invited Talks

Laws of conditionals as laws of belief revision - too neat to be non-paradoxical, UBC Workshop on Causation & Counterfactuals in Philosophy, Science and Law, Vancouver, 4-5.10.2018.

Informative test-semantics for indicative conditionals (with Brian Leahy), 3rd Belgrade Conference on Conditionals, Belgrade, 27-30.05.2017.

Bridging ranking theory and the stability theory of belief (with Niels Skovgaard-Olsen), Conceptions of Belief in the Philosophy of Science, Regensburg, 29.09-01.10.2016.

Comment on “2 approaches to belief revision" by T. Shear, J. Weisberg, B. Fitelson - an algebraic presentation, Formal Epistemology Workshop, Groningen, 20-22.06.2016.

General ranking updates by optimisation, Entropy-workshop, Etelsen Ludwigsburg, 15- 16.02.2016.

Commentary on Bengt Autzen's “Prior probabilities in bayesian phylogenetics", Points of Contact between the Philosophy of Physics and the Philosophy of Biology: Probability, Laws, and Natural Kinds, Workshop of the European Science Foundation Research Networking Program, LSE, London, 13-15.12.2010.

La méthode des fonctions arbitraires: Comment explique-t-elle (mieux) les attributions de probabilité basées habituellement sur le principe d'indifférence?, Probabilié décision incertitude (PDI), IHPST, Paris, 17.10.2008.

Submitted Talks

Bayesian norms vs. open-mindedness, Ecap9, München, 21-26.08.2017.

Ranking semantics for doxastic conditionals, Logica, Hejnice, 19-23.06.2017.

Ranked severe uncertainty and its revisions, Progic, München, 29-31.03.2017.

Triviality for (nice) plausibilities, European Epistemology Workshop, Paris, 4-6.07.2016.

Bayesian norms vs. open-mindedness, Epistemic Norms, KU Leuven, 9-11.11.2015. 

The problem of iterated revision, Progic, University of Kent, 22-24.04.2015.

Cheating at coin tossing, Paris workshop: Causality and Intervention, Conference, University of Kent, held in Paris, 9-10.06.2011.

Objective probability and invariance under interventions, Paris workshop: Work in progress in Causal and Probabilistic Reasoning, Graduate conference, University of Kent, held in Paris, 28-29.06.2010.

Les fonctions de confirmation de Carnap : Axiomes d'invariance ou invariance aux changements de langage, Société de philosophie des Sciences, ENS, Paris, 12-14.11.2009.

The method of arbitrary functions: Its mathematics and inference status, LogICCC Day at WUPES 09, Liblice, 19-24.08.2009.

The early method of arbitrary functions: Causality and probability, Causality and Probability in the Sciences, International Conference, University of Kent, Canterbury, 10-12.09.2008 

A rehabilitation of classical probability? The method of arbitrary functions, Philosophy of Probability, Graduate Conference, LSE, London, 27-28.06.2008.



2018 Spring (University of Konstanz) Modallogik und ihre Anwendungen (Modal Logic and its Philosophical Applications) with Antje Rumberg

2018 Spring (University of Konstanz) Laplace (Laplace and the Philosophy of Probability)


2016 Winter (University of Konstanz) Dretske's `Knowledge and the Flow of Information'

2016 Spring (University of Konstanz) Konditionale (Conditionals) with Niels Skovgaard-Olsen

2016 Spring (University of Konstanz) Gödel Unvollständigkeit und Rekursionstheorie (Gödel Incompleteness and RecursionTheory)

2016 Spring (ENS, EHESS & University Paris-Descartes) Logique Avancée (Advanced Logic), with Jacques Dubucs, Cogmaster ENS


2015 Winter (University of Konstanz) Rangtheorie und Erkenntnistheorie (Ranking Theory and Epistemology)

2015 Winter (University of Konstanz ) Formale Logik (Formal Logic)

2015 Spring (ENS, EHESS & University Paris-Descartes) Logique Avancée (Advanced Logic), with Jacques Dubucs, Cogmaster


2012 Winter (University of Konstanz ) Philosophie und Theorie der Wahrscheinlichkeit (Philosophy and Theory of Probability)

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