Usually, only professors, university lecturers (including “PrivatdozentInnen”) and academic staff who have been appointed as examiners by the department are authorised to conduct examinations that are not held in connection with individual courses.

The following individuals have been appointed as examiners (winter semester 2016/2017):

Backmann, Marius, Dr
Basaglia, Federica, Dr
Engelen, Eva-Maria, Professor (apl. Prof.)
Griffioen, Amber, Dr
Kirloskar-Steinbach, Monika, Professor (apl. Prof.)
Müller, Thomas, Professor*
Rosenthal, Jacob, Professor*
Roth, Volkbert M., Dr (Privatdozent)
Spohn, Wolfgang, Professor*
Stemmer, Peter, Professor*
Verena, Wagner, Dr

Only professors marked with an asterisk (*) are authorised to conduct first state examinations.