General Meetings

July 07th 2017

Riccardo Nicolosi: Counterfactual history in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia
Daniel Dohrn: Naturalistic Modal Epistemology

July 07th 2017

Wolfgang Spohn: The value of knowledge
Paul Ziche: Making room in conceptual space: Integrative concepts around 1900

April 28th 2017

Guillaume Schlaepfer: Non-monotonic logics and ceteris paribus laws
Julia Zakkou: Anderson Conditionals

November 18th 2016

Andrea Lailach-Henrich: Imaginative Experience
Brian Leahy: Teleology-In-Perspective: The Role of Counterfactual Reasoning in False Belief Reasoning

July 15th 2016

Tobias Rosefeldt: Prospects of Kant’s Theory of the Imagination
Eric Raidl: Modal disbelief and conditionals: ranking theory and possible worlds semantics compared

April 29th 2016

Brigitte Obermayr: Experiencing the Counterfactual: (Im)possible Modes of Laughter in Russian Literary Historical Narration on the “Great Patriotic War”
Frank Zenker: Denying Antecedents and Affirming Consequents: The State of the Art

January 29th 2016

Andreas Walker: Counterfactual Donkey Sentences
Brian Leahy: A Triviality Result for Kratzer Conditionals

November 13th 2015

Romy Jaster: From the Simple Conditional Analysis to the Success View of Abilities
Daniel Dohrn: Lottery Conditionals, Homogeneity, and Non-Maximality

July 10th 2015

Niels Skovgaard Olsen: Relevance and Reason Relations
Michael Stoeltzner: Possible Worlds and Random Walks: The Principle of Least Action as a Thought Experiment

May 22nd 2015

Eva Rafetseder: On the Acquisition of Counterfactual Reasoning and Ensuing Abilities
Natasha Grigorian: …