Talking Morality: The Nature and Meaning of Moral Language

Friday, 08. November 2019, 9:30–18:00, Y 132

This one-day, pre-read workshop with David Copp (UC Davis) will focus on issues concerning the nature of moral thought and talk, moral naturalism, and so-called ”hybrid views” more generally.


Jochen Briesen & Stefan Fischer (Department of Philosophy, University of Konstanz)

Philosophical Reasoning as Transformative Experience

July 24, 2019–July 26, 2019
Universität Konstanz
Organisers: Rico Gutschmidt (Universität Konstanz), Andrea Lailach (unaffiliated)

L.A. Paul’s treatment of transformative experience has been much discussed in recent decision theory: How can we make rational decisions with respect to cases that we have reason to believe will be life-changing or personally “transformative”? But even beyond decision theory, it seems that the notion of transformative experience might be productively applied to the therapeutic and transformative aspects of the enterprise of philosophy itself. Indeed, from its ancient beginnings to the present day, philosophy is not a purely theoretical endeavor but also has a strong experiential aspect and might even be conceived of as a practice of self-transformation. This application of transformative experience to the activity of philosophy has not yet been developed in any detail and will thus be explored further at this conference.


Workshop with Ferenc Huoranszki

January 11, 2019
University of Konstanz, B 602

10:00  Ferenc Huoranszki: The Significance of the Conditional Analysis of Free Will

14:00  Jacob Rosenthal: Conditional Analyses of Options for Action

The Possibility of Moral Community
Workshop with James Lenman

July 21, 2017
University of Konstanz
Organizer: Stefan Fischer