Damiano Ranzenigo

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

I am a Doctoral Student in Philosophy at the University of Constance, under the supervision of Prof. Debus, currently working on metaethics, moral psychology and practical rationality. I first developed an interest in the history of philosophy in High School, and started my undergraduate studies in Parma. After a one-year Erasmus program at the University of Erfurt, I completed my Bachelor in Milan, focusing on philosophy of biology. During my Master at the University of Vienna, I started exploring philosophy of action, which eventually led me to where I am now.
My research aim is still a work-in-progress, but is momentarily shaped around the concept of practical identity, as an emblematic case of how our self-conception can be normative with respect to how we should act. This proposal is inspired by the work of Christine Korsgaard, even though I depart from her Kantian approach and try instead to focus on our relationship to our past, rather than on universal principles. Along with Korsgaard, authors like Thomas Nagel and Bernard Williams are valuable sources of constructive criticism.
I take philosophy not to be confined to university. Before ever being a professional journey, it is a personal one. Philosophy is a constant challenge not only to what I think, but also a more radical one to who I am. This is why working on practical identity matters greatly to me and, arguably, to anyone concerned with how our self-conceptions can bring us to action.