Thomas Müller
Portrait: Thomas Müller (Photo: Ilka Reiter)

Thomas Müller

Dr. phil., Professor, Professorship of Philosophy with special emphasis on Theoretical Philosophy

We are biological beings and agents that have the ability to actively shape our future. How do we fit into the world that we are exploring ever more closely with scientific methods? This is a fundamental philosophical question at the intersection of metaphysics, theory of action, and philosophy of science.

In my research, I address various aspects of this question: what are the possibilities for the future? How can we know about such possibilities, and how can we understand the fact that we can use these possibilities for our agency? Which systems - biological or artificial - can act at all, and how can they exert a causal influence in the world through their actions?

For my research on these questions, I use formal methods of logic and scientific modeling, e.g., from physics, where possible and appropriate. My current collaboration in this area is described in -> Focus on agency.

For more information on my academic activities and functions, please see my SciKon page.