Would you like to write a thesis in our subject area?

Thesis supervision

Please contact potential reviewers early, at least two weeks in advance.

If you would like to write a thesis, please send an e-mail in which you briefly characterize the topic you have in mind. Make sure that your topic fits the research group's specialization in theoretical philosophy. (A selection of titles of previously completed theses can be found below).
Furthermore, please indicate whether the requested person is to act as the first or the second reviewer.

Important for first reviewer:

Before the final acceptance to supervise your work as first reviewer, after establishing a first contact, you will be asked to present your topic in more detail in a meaningful synopsis (1-2 pages). Please answer the following questions:
- What is your question or problem and what further questions follow on from it?

- Which primary literature and which secondary literature should be discussed in your thesis?

Previous theses (selection)

  • Descartes's property skepticism and the possibility of certain knowledge.
  • Jerry Fodor's critique of evolutionary theory.
  • Explainability of AI Systems. Philosophy of Science meets Machine Learning
  • The Relationship between Truth, Thought, and Language in Gottlob Frege's "Logical Investigations I-IV"
  • Does Gila Sher's substantive theory of truth require propositions?
  • The possibility of artificial agents
  • Realism in Quantum Bayesianism compared with the Copenhagen Interpretation
  • Asymmetry of first-order beliefs and second-order beliefs
  • Self-deception as a heuristic error
  • On the reference of proper names in counterfactual conditionals
  • Carnap's idea of explication
  • Time in perspective: On what distinguishes presentism from eternalism
  • Personal Identity and Narrativity
  • Epistemic normativity and the aim of belief
  • The Argument from Incomplete Knowledge as a Challenge: Can the Ability Hypothesis Defend Physicalism?

Authorised examiners

B.A., M.A., Lectureship

B.A., M.A.