Master's programme in philosphy

Objectives of the master’s programme

The objective of the master’s programme is to fulfil the general and philosophical aims mentioned on our homepage at a good or very good level that meets advanced academic standards. It is especially important to us that you further develop those general skills that will increase your professional prospects as a graduate of the master’s programme in philosophy. As a master’s student, you will have the opportunity to specialise in philosophical sub-disciplines or in topics that overlap with other disciplines (elective minors). This also enables students to enter our master's programme who have gained their first degree in another subject, have sufficient basic knowledge of philosophy and wish to gain deeper philosophical insights into their own discipline. The master’s programme will qualify you to work independently and scientifically and perhaps even to continue your studies at the doctoral level.

Examination regulations

Current versions of the following relevant examination regulations (in German) are available on the pages of the Central Examination Office:

  • General examination regulations for master’s programmes in the Humanities
  • Subject-specific regulations for the master’s programme in philosophy
  • Appendix C of the examination regulations for the master’s programme in philosophy (specialisation)


If you are interested in applying for admission to a master's programme in the Department of Philosophy, please contact our departmental student advisor or send your application directly to the university.
Information about the application process is available on the University of Konstanz’s home page.

Important information about term papers and final theses

Because plagiarism in term papers and final theses is on the rise, the university has published an information sheet containing notes on the legal consequences of cheating, guidelines for working scientifically and a list of university services providing information about the rules of scientific work.
You need to submit the following declaration with every term paper you submit, declaring that you composed the paper yourself:

Important information and tips for referencing literature and sources in academic papers are available both from the university and from the department:

Dr Kathrin Hönig offers special introductory writing seminars for philosophy students. A list of the currently offered seminars can be found

Exam registration

All master’s students must register for their performance assessments (exams, presentations, term papers, etc.) using StudIS, the university's electronic student information system. The registration periods are identical for all humanities subjects:

Winter semester: 1 December - 15 January
Summer semester: 1 May - 15 June

During these periods, you can register for and withdraw from performance assessments. You will not be able to withdraw from a performance assessment after the deadline has expired. If you fail to sit an exam, do not hand in your term paper, etc., you will receive the grade “nicht bestanden/fail”. Please note that you will also not be able to register for a performance assessment after the deadline has expired.

Registering for term papers

If, in addition to attending the seminar, you wish to submit a term paper for a course, you must register both for the course and for the term paper.

Practical work experience

(1) During your master’s programme, you may complete an internship conducive to your study aims at a private or public organisation of your choice that can provide you with insights into professional contexts using the competencies you acquired in your core subject (module 5). Your internship should last for a minimum of eight weeks and be completed during the lecture-free period. Practical work experience may be divided into no more than two stages.

(2) Practical work experience must be approved by the dean of studies in advance; also, you must obtain a certificate from your employer after the internship has ended. For approval and confirmation you need the following form (in German):

(3) Professional training or practical work experience completed before you began your studies can be recognised by the Examination Board (StPA) on request, unless they have previously been recognised in the context of a bachelor’s or any other study programme.

You must submit an internship report after your internship has ended. This is part of your coursework.

Further information as well as current internship opportunities are available on the

Register for the master’s examination

You must register for your master’s examination (including the final examination) and for your final oral examination via

Information (e.g. deadlines for registering for your master's examination) and forms are available

If you have questions about registering for exams, please contact Robert Bucifal, your contact person in the Examination Office (C 406).

To register for your oral examination, you must submit the following form to prove that you have completed the required coursework. Please have the information you provide on the form confirmed by the director of the departmental administration, Dr Michael Kieninger (G 605).