Student Council Philosophy

General information

The Student Council Philosophy represents all philosophy students at the University of Konstanz. It represents their opinions and views in the various university bodies and the university’s student body.

Our responsibilities:

  • The Student Council Philosophy appoints student representatives to the university bodies.
  • The Student Council Philosophy decides on the usage of its share of the student quality assurance resources.
  • The Student Council Philosophy organises Christmas parties, sales, parties and other recreational activities.
  • The Student Council Philosophy offers advice and support on study-related matters to all philosophy students.

Regular meetings

During the lecture period, the Student Council meets once a week. The next date for the summer semester 2024 will be announced soon. We invite anyone interested to join us for these meetings!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail. For information about events in the student council, we also recommend joining our mailing list "":

Offices and bodies

Student council leadership

Speaker: Maya Günther
Deputy speaker:Arne Luckow und Jule Christof

Treasurer: Julian Kraft
Deputy treasurer: Madeleine Friedrich

Fachschaftskonferenz (FSK, a university-wide association representing all student councils)


The FSK is comprised of one representative from each Student Council and the FSK coordinator. The FSK coordinates and promotes exchange between the individual Student Councils. It represents the university’s students in all matters pertaining to teaching and research.

Representative from the Department of Philosophy: Arne Luckow

deputy Representative: Maya Günther

Study Commission


The Study Commission looks after the study programmes and study conditions in the Department of Philosophy. Its central responsibilities include debating on the examination regulations and the curriculum and conducting teaching evaluations.

Student members: Nicolas Dehnert, Louis Pfander, Jule Christof und Michelle Springer

Departmental Council


The Departmental Council oversees the structural development of the Department of Philosophy as well as professorial appointments and discusses the teaching recommendations submitted by the Study Commission.

Student member:  Louis Pfander

Faculty Council


The Faculty Council of the Faculty of Humanities discusses the faculty’s structure and development plans as well as the study and examination regulations. It appoints the Study Commissions for all departments that belong to the Faculty of Humanities. It further decides on recommendations made by the appointments committees and submits them to the Senate.

Student member: Arne Luckow
deputy student member: Michelle Springer

Departmental student council election body (SFSWG)


The departmental student council election bodies (SFSWG) is elected once a year by all students in the Department of Philosophy. It elects the Student Council’s speaker, the treasurer as well as the FSK representative and his/her deputy.

Members: Louis Pfander, Michelle Springer, Julian Kraft, Arne Lukow, Stanislas Terboven, Nicolas Dehnert, Madeleine Friedrich

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