Study abroad

ERASMUS agreements with partner universities

We strongly encourage our students to spend one or two semesters abroad as part of their degree, which is why we provide generous support to our study abroad students, e.g. by recognising performance assessments. You can find a list of the European universities that the Department of Philosophy has an ERASMUS partnership with on the ERASMUS page of the Faculty of Humanities. There, you will also find important information for planning your study abroad stay.

Students in the department can spend time abroad at one of our partner universities; in return, we welcome incoming international exchange students. We would like to encourage you to take note of the information about Erasmus provided by the International Office and by the Student Service Centre (SSZ), which includes numerous experience reports and information materials.
Our lecturers and doctoral researchers can also benefit from our international partnerships by applying for an Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignment (STA) at one of our partner universities. It takes some time to organise an STA. Please contact Melanie Hochstätter, the ERASMUS coordinator of the Faculty of Humanities, as soon as possible.

Application process

In principle, the following individuals can take part in an ERASMUS exchange programme: Students who

  • are enrolled full-time in a study programme at the University of Konstanz (up to a doctorate) and will earn an internationally recognised degree;
  • have finished the first year of their study programme;
  • are able to complete a three to twelve-month stay abroad (between 1 June and 30 September of the following year);
  • have not received ERASMUS support for a study stay abroad before (candidates may not concurrently receive financial assistance from another programme such as LEONARDO, a European research programme, ERASMUS Placements, etc.). However, as a student you are allowed to simultaneously receive BAföG student aid for studying abroad or a scholarship from an organisation promoting gifted and talented students.

The stay must take place within the framework of a valid bilateral agreement between the University of Konstanz and a partner university. All important information is available on the ERASMUS+ home page.

Application documents

The application form and further information about participating in the Faculty of Humanities’ ERASMUS programme is available here.
Please submit your applications until 1 February of the appropriate year to the ERASMUS coordinator of the Faculty of Humanities, Melanie Hochstätter .

Selection of candidates

Candidates are selected by the end of March of every calendar year for a stay abroad in the academic year beginning in September/October. If more candidates apply than there are available places, we select our candidates on the following basis: academic qualification (grades), motivation, language skills, personal interview, form and content of the application.

Recognition of coursework and performance assessments completed abroad

If at all possible, please talk to us in advance about having your courses recognised. If you fail to make appropriate arrangements in advance, we cannot guarantee that the performance assessments you completed abroad will be recognised. We therefore expect you to complete a “learning agreement” which includes information about your course choices. You will also need this agreement for your ERASMUS scholarship. Any performance assessments completed abroad can only be recognised after you return to Konstanz. The director of the departmental administration, Dr Michael Kieninger, is responsible for signing your learning agreement and for recognising coursework and performance assessments successfully completed during your time abroad.

To have your performance assessments recognised, the courses you took abroad must:

  • overlap with the course content required by the examination regulations and taught in equivalent courses offered by the department,
  • be taught at a similar level,
  • must require a similar amount of time to complete,
  • must have similar examination requirements as regards type and volume.

We do review your individual documents. When you apply for recognition, please bring along all documentation you received when attending courses at your host university (course description/syllabus, transcript of records, copies of your term papers, etc.) as well as this request for recognition.

Important information about grade conversion

To be able to recognise the performance assessments you completed abroad, we need to convert your grades to the German grading system. They will be included in the calculation of your final overall grade.

After your stay abroad

Please also send a copy of your transcript of records along will all other required documentation to the International Office.

Other partnerships

We have doctoral exchange programmes (or are in the process of establishing them) with universities in Bari, Bologna, Rome, Exeter and Vienna. All students accepted to these programmes are awarded a scholarship.
We also maintain close partnerships with the University of Zurich (see e.g. the annual “Konstanz-Zürich-Symposium” on practical philosophy) as well as the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin. Two of their staff members are lecturers (Privatdozenten) at the University of Konstanz while some our local professors are research fellows there.

Studying abroad with children

University, children, going abroad?

Information about the University of Konstanz’s partner universities and funding opportunities for your stay abroad is available from the ERASMUS coordinator of the Faculty of Humanities and/or the International Office. The Office for Equal Opportunity, Family Affairs and Diversity can provide additional information about studying abroad with children.