Jour Fixe Konstanz

Winter Term 2017/18
February 06th 2018 Eva Csipak
January 23rd 2018 Reading Kaufmann(2005) II: Conditional Truth and Future Reference
December 05th 2017 Reading Kaufmann(2005) I: Conditional Truth and Future Reference
November 21st 2017 Ali Zolfagharian: General Ranking Theory
November 7th 2017 Eric Raidl: On the correspondence between the laws of belief revision and the laws of Ramsey test conditionals
Summer Term 2017
July 18th 2017 Sven Lauer: A puzzle about `believe’: Moore’s paradox vs. hedging effects
June 13th 2017 Arno Goebel: Independence and biscuit conditionals
May 30th 2017 Eva Rafetseder: Relating counterfactual reasoning to pretend play
May 16th 2017 Brian Leahy/Eric Raidl: Test Semantics for Conditionals
May 2nd 2017 Organizational meeting
Winter Term 2016/17
February 7th 2017 Manfred Kupffer: Combining deductive and inductive reasoning
January 30th 2017 Antje Rumberg: Designing a database for conditionals
December 13th 2016 Brian Leahy: Craige Roberts on ‘Anaphora in intensional contexts’
November 29th 2016 David Krassnig: Conditionals, Even, and Negative Polarity Items
October 25th 2017 Organizational meeting
Summer Term 2016
July 5th 2016 Jonathan Schaffer: Beyond fundamentality
June 28th 2016 Andreas Walker: Introduction to dynamic predicate logic (plus some remarks on donkeys)
June 14th 2016 Manfred Kupffer: Supposing for the sake of the argument
May 24th 2016 Eric Raidl: Douven ‘The Epistemology of Indicative Conditionals’, Chapters 3 and 6
May 10th 2016 Arno Goebel and María Biezma: On Biscuit Conditionals
May 3rd 2016 Antje Rumberg and Thomas Müller: Branching space-time
April 19th 2016 Eric Raidl: Douven ‘The Epistemology of Indicative Conditionals’, Chapters 1 and 2
Winter Term 2015/16
January 12th 2016 Niels Olsen: Compositional reason relation semantics
December 15th 2015 Ali Zolfagharian: Three types of material implication
December 1st 2015 Wolfgang Spohn: Temporal self-location, forgetting, biased evidence, and auto-epistemology: the Dornroeschen-problem
November 17th 2015 Eric Raidl: An introduction to ranking theory
November 3rd 2015 Brian Leahy: Triviality and conditionals
October 20th 2015 Organizational meeting
Winter Term 2015/16
Reading group on Robert Stalnaker’s ‘Context’