What is special about studying philosophy in Konstanz?

Philosophy at the University of Konstanz is systematic in its approach: It deals primarily with philosophical questions and problems. This does not mean that we neglect the history of philosophy. However, our main interest in historical positions is whether they continue to convince as regards content and argumentation. We believe that we should not allow ourselves to grow too comfortable with the theories of great thinkers from the past, but that we should enter into critical conversation with them. As a student, you will be required to do the same.

Also, at the Department of Philosophy, we believe in philosophy as a scientific discipline. It is committed to the scientific standards of rationality and clarity of expression. Philosophical texts should not ensnare their readers with metaphorical circumlocutions, but win us over on the merit of structured, concise and soundly reasoned arguments.

The study conditions at the University of Konstanz’s Department of Philosophy are excellent. Lectures and seminars are rarely overcrowded and the staff-student ratio allows for excellent and close supervision. The most important courses are accompanied by tutorials. We encourage our students to take part in a great variety of conferences, colloquia and workshops. Our local researchers and the University of Konstanz as whole maintain contacts with academics and academic institutions from around the world, which enables our students to spend a semester abroad in almost any part of the world.

Peter Stemmer (professor in the department):

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Philosophy comes in many shapes and guises. This is also true for the University of Konstanz’s Department of Philosophy, where you will find lecturers of all kinds. We do, however, all share this conviction: if you cannot talk about something clearly, you have not understood what it is you are talking about. If you are interested in philosophical questions and want to learn how to tackle them by yourself and in discussion with others, supported by excellent lecturers and researchers, you have come to the right place.

Wolfgang Spohn (professor in the department):

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  • If it's about systematic philosophy grounded in history,
  • if you’re after an excellent teacher education, such as we offer in our new Bachelor and Master of Education programmes in Philosophy/Ethics,
  • if you expect life in the department, including Student Council activities, to be lively yet manageable,
  • if you value personal contact with your lecturers,
  • if you are interested in gaining deep insights into the research we carry out at the Department of Philosophy, even while you are still a student,
  • if you think that you could benefit from the department’s excellent contacts to funding bodies and other departments and colleagues from around the world to gain easier access to funding, study abroad stays and international activities,
  • if you want your studies to be demanding and loaded with options,

then studying philosophy at the University of Konstanz is the right choice for you!

Nicole Karcher (teacher education student):

a student

I can warmly recommend studying philosophy in Konstanz to anyone who is interested in the subject. We profit from a huge variety of courses, which we are free to actively shape thanks to the seminars. Due to the small size of the department, we also have access to close supervision. Our secretaries and the director of the departmental administration are incredibly helpful people who are always happy to lend an ear if you have questions or difficulties. It seems to me that in no other department do students and teaching staff work as closely as in the Department of Philosophy, and that collaboration sometimes extends beyond everyday university life into departmental celebrations. If you are interested in the subject matter and after a welcoming atmosphere with numerous options to get involved, you could not have picked a better place.